The Bottle Buddy


When the baby is hungry and you need a helping hand...


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Have you ever driven down the road, had the baby start crying, and wished you had an extra hand to hold the bottle?

Me too!

That's what led to the Bottle Buddy. It's a hands-free device that attaches to your baby's car seat to hold the baby's bottle when you can't.

It also helps you avoid bending over in the grocery store. "How can that be?" you may be wondering...Simply place your baby's bottle in the pouch, attach the strap to the grocery cart, and no more bottles on the grocery store floor!

The Bottle Buddy makes an excellent baby shower gift.



We have a huge variety of colors and styles for only $10.00 each, plus shipping and handling.


Colors and Styles

For more information, to check out available colors and styles, or to place an order, contact us. Let us know whether you're shopping for a boy or a girl and what kind of style you're looking for or just check out the fabrics page.


  • Soft, flexible, baby-friendly design.
  • Keeps bottles at desired temperature for longer.
  • Easy to attach/detach.
  • Fits many car seat models.
  • Machine washable.
  • Available in a wide variety of styles and colors.
  • Doesn't rest on your baby's chest.


IMPORTANT: Please note that Bottle Buddies are not for use for children under 3 months of age. Your child must be able to turn his or her head towards and away from the bottle and guide the bottle to his or her mouth before using this product.


U.S. Patent Pending